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August 19, 2012

The choice between life or death- Sword Art Online

Surprisingly, my little thing about time travel had gotten a little more attention than I expected, so I figure I'll do another piece. If you have been following anime for the past 2 months or so, you'll undoubtedly have heard of "Sword Art Online", an anime about a Virtual Reality MMORPG that trapped 10,000 players, and the only way to escape is to clear the game.

The first two episodes managed to piqued my interest enough to read the light novel behind the anime. Allow me to jump on the bandwagon about how awesome this story is, but at the same time, allow me to say as well how poorly the anime adaptation has been so far. Each sidestory arc so far has been terribly rushed, almost to the point of F/SN the movie level. Unfortunate for those who watch anime only as the Light Novel is actually quite entertaining.

Now, onto the main point of this post: What if you were one of the 10k players trapped? What if you were trapped in a game you cannot exit, and the only way to escape is for at least one person to clear it? What would you do? What role will you play?

August 1, 2012

Tenchou delivers...as promised!

Good day readers! Remember when I promised to post the first chapter of my novel? Probably not because it was so long ago, but here it is!

Reaper's Farewell Chapter 1

Enjoy, and don't forget to leave a comment if you like/dislike it!

July 25, 2012

Tenchou's Journal #?? What are we on again?

What? What happened? It seems as though I have traveled five months into the future...

Let's just say a shit ton of things happened, but nothing relevant to blogging at all. That said, I think it's time for me to get back to what I do best- typing up a storm about nothing!

Aside from the 1.5 months I spent dreading life as accountant thanks to tax season, a lot of random stuff happened here and there, and of course, TERA Online happened. So free time has been reduced to zero everyday of the week. It kinda sucks, as the stack of unplayed games beside my PS3 seems to grow every month without fail, with no prospect of anyone clearing them anytime soon. (-_-)

Now...where do i start...

February 15, 2012

An excessively long post for a beta that lasted only 3 days

If you read the last post, you’ll know Tenchou has jumped ship to TERA, and that he has spent the entire weekend playing this amazing upcoming MMO. Tenchou did have high hopes for the game when it was first announced, but after playing it he has no doubt this will be his next MMO, hopefully for a long time.

With the first Closed Beta Phrase now completed, let’s take a look back on why this game was worth Tenchou’s time, unlike a certain other game with lightsabers.

Tenchou's journal #9- A crossroad

I have slacked off LONG enough, I think it’s time for another Tenchou’s update!

First, I would just like to comment on how successful the Internet Blackout Day was. The interweb as a whole has successfully brought the much-needed attention to this, for a lack of better words, retarded legislation from a bunch of white-collar 1% lobbyists. Now that SOPA has been shelved indefinitely, we can finally breathe easy as we avoided the latest round of shenanigans. That said, MEGAUPLOAD and all it’s affiliates were shutdown just one day after, likely a retaliation to the anti-SOPA movement, so unfortunately we are now down a valuable download source.

Now onto this post’s agenda:

1. NYC
2. Star Wars: The Old Republic
3. Upcoming Releases
4. Anime
5. Others

December 14, 2011

Tenchou's journal #8- Start of a new journey.

Just a small update, because well, that's all I have time for. My novel is currently out on queries with several agents, got back three form rejections so far, nothing big. Starting tomorrow however, I will be journeying to the world of awesomeness in the Star War Universe. Jumping from my fictional world in my novel to George Lucas' world means I will have very little free time for awhile. I will (I promise) post some screenshots of my character progression, as well as some small tips or interesting findings from time to time.

Stay classy readers, and if you are playing SWTOR as well, I will likely be on Anchorhead (PvP East), and I will post my IGN and confirm server after I make my character.

November 30, 2011

Tenchou's journal #7- Erm, I'm open for business!

Short post, tired, no time. Just want to say: "My manuscript is now open for submission!" Yay!

You will hear back here as I do more...right now I'm too damned tired, curse you SW:TOR and work!

November 9, 2011

Tenchou's journal #6- Where to start?

Let's just say I had quite a week, in a good way. As you can see above, I got my copy of Fate/Extra for the PSP. At the bottom of this post will be more pictures I took of the Limited Edition, which by the way is really well-done considering the embarrassment of a limited edition Akysys had for Agarest Zero.

Here's the line-up for this week's journal:
1. The awesome concert I went to.
2. The awesome new CD the person I saw just released.
2. The awesome beta I got into.
3. Update on my novel, REAPER'S FAREWELL.
4. Anime One-Liners.
5. Fate/Extra

November 3, 2011

Tenchou's journal #5- Renewed resolve!

Almost two weeks since my last post! If anyone caught Blizzcon (through stream/live): how awesome was the show? Foo Fighters put up a pretty darn good concert at the end, but the real thriller were the tournaments. Despite some downers (ZvT close rush distance spawns not once but twice? Trololololol), both the GSL finals and the Blizzcon finals certainly delivered. MMA vs MVP showed some really interesting TvT that involved more than just map control leap frogging, and the grand finals had some epic games that I do not wish to spoil here. Even though Sen did not win Blizzcon, he's now definitely one of my favorite with his solid style play (although...he was basically outplayed by MVP...foreigners still have a way to go against these Koreans).

Just like the title stated, I have finally renewed my resolve on polishing my novel. It's been "completed" for almost three months now but I'm still only 40% or so in editing. I can blame the slow progress on my job but ultimately I have slacked off tremendously thanks to both fatigue and boredom (seriously, re-reading your own story over and over again, even if you love it, gets boring). I swear it won't be long before I finish editing, gonna pick up the pace!

Anime wise...I don't have to time to do reviews...but, let me do some quick one-liners:

Mirai Nikki- Still fucking awesome.

Gundam Age- You can call it Gundam Under-age, I call it Deus Ex-Machina, or Gundam Are-You-Fucking-Kidding-Me.

Persona 4- I take back what I said last time, production value had gone way up since first episode!

Ben-To- This show gets better and better, how can a dumb premise like this produce such an awesome show?

Working!!- Not as funny as first season, but still very much enjoyable.

Boku wa Tomodoachi Ga Sukunai- I am loving the fan-service, and a side-dish of plot doesn't hurt.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai- Just as I predicted, mindless ecchi fun with stripped down story, sad panda is sad.

Guilty Crown- Next "best-show-of-the-season" in the making?

Phi Brain- Hating the art, decent story.

Maken Ki- Pointless censoring is a bitch isn't it?

I promise to deliver a more in-depth review mid-season or so...after my editing.

Stay classy, readers!